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About Criclick

Criclick is a platform that promises to connect thousands of small businesses and service providers with consumers. This idea arose due to the high cost of advertising without results. Criclick gives the community the opportunity to connect and have all their services in one place.

As small business owners, every day we face the difficult task of promoting our revenue generating services, all while serving our customers' needs. We thought about how to create our own platform that would serve to promote our customers. Each one of our customers offers different services or products; we knew that we had to create something that would work for everyone. We also focused on where people spend most of their time nowadays, that's why we offer you the ability to promote your business via social media style pages.

Criclick is not only for businesses, a social network would not work if we don't attract consumers. That is why we aim to bring both together in one place. Business and non-business users interested in buying an item or requiring a service can find everything they need to move forward.

We are not going to stop there, we will continue implementing innovative ways to keep connecting small businesses and service providers with consumers.

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